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Hoster – Web Hosting WordPress Theme

Release: October 2, 2018 Lastet Update: April 1, 2019

120,000 IRT

Hoster - Web Hosting Wordpress Theme

Purchase this item only 120,000 IRT on:

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Introducing the Completely Persian WordPress Hosting Template Hoster - Web Hosting Wordpress Theme, Are you active in the field of hosting and domain hosting, and are you planning to make changes to your website? Do you plan to launch a new business hosting and hosting business? By examining the various needs in this field as well as providing new and emerging ideas like the Smart Search Service for customers, we have tried to make the Hoster - Web Hosting Wordpress Theme a great option among hosting templates.

Some features of the Hoster - Web Hosting Wordpress Theme

  • Quite responsive and reactive
  • SEO for search engines
  • Having a smart service search (the idea was implemented for the first time to make buying your customers easier)
  • Has a professional and professional table for pricing hosts and hosting servers
  • Featured Bestseller Services
  • Put a discount code for the services
  • Use the font of the famous FontAwesome icon
  • Very high loading speed for all template pages (about 99% based on the Gmetrix site)
  • Use Iranian Persian Fonts Web Sense with Lenses
  • Comes with an easy installation package
  • No need to use side plugins and no need to heavier WordPress with additional plugins
  • With professional admin panel
  • Professional Slider for Discount Sites

Hoster Admin Panel Features

  • No need to edit template code for personalization
  • Supports WordPress listings
  • General site description like name, slogan, call number, email and ...
  • Links to the main sections of the site to connect to your favorite pages, such as the sales advice page, online
  • support, smart search and more.
  • Domain search domain settings and easy connection to WHMCS just by placing the link
  • Font settings, copyright text and electronic symbol section
  • Slider manager can easily redeem the site's home page rebates with the ability to add infinite discounts
  • Manage the site service with the ability to change the photo, start the price and plans easily
  • Manage client logos and views
  • Manage a special offer under the site menu
  • Easy Home Screen Slider Manager
  • and ...
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1.2 : 10/26/2018


  • Added ability to change the logo from the admin panel.
  • Add the ability to privatize additional features to each package.
  • Fixed minor reported issues.

1.1 : 10/11/2018


  • Added section of blog categories to the sidebar
  • Fix bug reports